Complete Origination Platform

End-to-End Origination, Underwriting, and Closing Platform.

Safe & Secure

Electronic Document Storage. Online Condition Fulfillment.

Electronic Solution

eSign Borrower Disclosures. FHA, DU, and LP Interface. Electronic Tax Transcripts

Simplify and Strengthen Your Origination.

We think this stuff is great. Using Direct Mortgage's patent-published DirectWare® mortgage software solution, we allow you to reduce your processing overhead and free up your staff to generate more revenue. The software can order, validate, and certify the necessary steps to prepare your loan file for closing and quick funding. Our business rules technology ensures that your loan file will meet program guidelines throughout the entire loan cycle.                         

Here are the complete end-to-end processes that are completed for you: 

  1. Credit Reports
  2. AVM (Automated Valuation Model - Property Value Report)
  3. Tax Transcripts (if needed)
  4. Social Security Number & Identity Verification
  5. Verification of Employment (Including Tax Transcripts When Needed)
  6. Verification of Income
  7. Verification of Deposit
  8. Verification of Assets
  9. Verification of Benefits
  10. Hazard Insurance
  11. Mortgage Insurance
  12. Title Commitment
  13. Appraisal
  14. Loan Payoff Statements & Updated Balances
  15. 24 Month Chain of Title (to review loan compliance)
  16. Lien Check
  17. Borrower County Property Search (used for investment property review)
  18. County Tax Search (to accurately reflect the monthly payment and payment ratios)
  19. Public Records Search / Judgments
  20. Tax Service
  21. Flood Report
  22. Fraud Check
  23. High Cost Loan Review
  24. Legal Review (a complete federal & state loan compliance review)
  25. Early Disclosures. Early disclosures are created and automatically filled out by DirectWare. Borrowers are able to eSign disclosures, allowing them to pay for the appraisal the same day they sign.
  26. Closing Document Preparation
  27. Closing. We coordinate and schedule the closing with you
  28. Signing. The Closing & Signing Service provides a closing at the title/escrow company, borrower's home or other location designated by the broker.
  29. Image Workflow. (storage and access)




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