Mortgage Software

DirectWare® is the proprietary mortgage software system that is behind Direct Mortgage Wholesale’s industry-leading speed, efficiency, and customer service.

This incredible mortgage loan software provides seamless integration and processing of loan information. This incredible mortgage loan software helps you be competitive, save time, and earn more money by reducing your processing overhead and freeing up your staff to generate more revenue.

Software Benefits & Features

With DirectWare you receive the benefits of:

  • Instant loan options – comprehensive loan portfolio including conventional, government (FHA & VA), and Jumbo loans presented through automations.

  • Easy loan comparisons – quickly compare Lender Compensation, PITI, and PI for your already underwritten loans, with the best loans sorted to the top.

  • Automated underwriting – you’ll know whether your loan qualifies or not upfront. If it refers, the system will tell you why.

  • Automated processing – see our list of 29 certified processes

  • Automated compliance review, scanned image workflow, e-docs, & e-signature.