Product Number Description Agency Max Loan Amount Max LTV/ CLTV Min FICO7 Occupancy Types Purpose Get Rates and Run Scenarios
OO = Owner Occupied
NOO = Non Owner Occupied or Investment
2nd = Second Home
P = Purchase
R&T = Rate & Term Refinance
CO = Cash Out Refinance
Stated=Stated Income Verified Assets
SISA = Stated Income Stated Asset
NINA = No Income No Asset
NIVA = No Income Verified Asset
Balloon = Balance Due Before End of Amortized Term
No Doc = Income, Assets, & Employment Neither Stated Nor Verified
No Ratio = Income Not Stated, Employment & Assets Verified
FHA = Federal Housing Administration
HUD = Housing & Urban Development, U.S. Department of
DU® = Desktop Underwriter®
LP = Loan Prospector®
FICO score = Fair Isaac Corporation score or Beacon score
VA = Veterans Affairs, United States Department of
USDA = United States Dept. of Agriculture