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Problem Free Closings.
What a Concept.

Direct Mortgage In-House Processing processes loans for our approved mortgage brokers and loan officers on loans that Direct Mortgage funds. We desire to:

  • Be the back office for our mortgage brokers.
  • Provide problem free closings for our clients.
  • Leverage our technology to streamline your lending process; and give you the fastest loan closing in the marketplace today.

Conventional loan  $595.00,
FHA / VA loans      $595.00,
Cancellation fee     $115.00***

Since we are a bona-fide 3rd party, the processing fee can be charged to the borrower in addition to the loan originator’s “Lender Paid Compensation”.

***The Cancellation fee is per loan file that does not close within 60 days from when it has been submitted. This cancellation fee is a result of the hard cost of services ordered on the loan file, (for example, credit reports, VOD, flood, fraud detection, etc). From time to time, Direct Mortgage, Corp. may, at its sole discretion, collect the cancellation fee from a future loan.

If for any reason the fees are not received by Direct Mortgage directly from the closing, the Company will be responsible for making sure that all fees have been paid to and received by Direct Mortgage within 10 days of the closing, or 60 days from the file submission, whichever is less.

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