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Simple. Fast. Processing.

Using our patent-published DirectWare® web-based software solution, we allow you to free up all of the processing overhead you are currently used to. Using our processing services we order, validate, and certify the necessary items to prepare your loan file for closing and quick funding. Our business rules technology ensures that your loan file will meet program guidelines throughout the entire loan cycle.

How to Use Direct Mortgage In-House Processing
Make your life easier by using Direct Mortgage In-House Processing. Originate your loan file directly in DirectWare. Or you can use Calyx Point or any other standardized Loan Origination System (LOS) and transfer your loan file data into the Direct Mortgage DirectWare system for your file execution.

Follow the steps on the Submission to Processing worksheet. Then email with the loan number you’d like us to process and the worksheet attached and our top-of-line processing will begin.

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