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Tired of calling your appraiser and title company to have them modify the property address on your orders? 
Our DirectWare® system now seamlessly validates your property address (using the address recorded with the county record) when you select or lock a loan.

With confidence you can use the validated property address when you order the Appraisal, Title, & Hazard Insurance reports. This address validation process is done at the time of a rate lock or loan selection, but also can be done any time prior to that – accessed right from section 2 (Property Info) of the loan application.


  • Validates the address using the address recorded with the county record.
  • Speeds up your closing – If you use this address while placing orders, you don’t have to spend any extra time gathering and updating an exact addresses match to the Title, Appraisal, & Hazard Insurance reports.
  • Faster Underwriting turn times. Our due diligence process requires address validation.
  • Provides the subject property detail report – including various property characteristics – the report is automatically uploaded into the DirectWare “Scanned Images” screen.

Points to Note:

  • Validation occurs at the point of locking or selecting a loan.
  • Address validation is also available through the “Property Info” tab in the loan application (Step 1 of the Loan Steps menu located on the left-hand side of the Loan Choices screen).
  • Only one active rate lock is allowed per property address.

Sample Address Validation Process:

  1. The “Validate This Address” button is found next to the subject property address in the loan application.  Make any necessary changes to the address and then click the “Validate This Address” button. (This same form will appear on the “Rate Lock” or “Select a Loan” link – if the address hasn’t been validated already.)

    1. If the address can’t be found (for example, the property is a brand new home), you must call Broker Support (800-924-3884) – or send a request to and request the address be validated for you.
  1. Or, in some instances, multiple addresses may be presented. Select the correct one.

  1. Make sure the address used is the one you want because you will not be able to change it once it is validated. If an address can’t be found – or if a mistake was made –  it can only be changed by technical support as directed above. You will be asked to confirm that the selected address is the one you want to validate. Click the “Yes” button if you have selected the correct address.

  • Your property address has now been validated!
  1. To view the property detail report, go to scanned images — accessed from Step 4 on the left-hand menu.

  1. Click on either “PDF” or TIF next to the desired detail report to open and view the report.

  1. The report will open, showing various property characteristics.