Condition Upload Instructions

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Condition Upload Instructions

Follow these instructions to upload conditions for your loan file.

In order to submit your file for final review / clear-to-close you will need to ensure that all conditions have the proper files/images associated with them. Do this from either the AUS Submission Wizard or Step B in Loan Choices™ as instructed below. Once all conditions have been submitted, be sure to click the gray “Request Underwriting” button in order to resubmit your file to Underwriting.

Upload Images

  • Under “Current View”, select the view you want using the drop down arrow. The default is “Prior to Doc Remaining”. If you have already uploaded some images, it may be helpful to select the “All Images Not Uploaded” view.All Images Not Uploaded
  • Each condition is separated by a thin white line. A brief description of the condition is located in the blue area.
    • Conditions can be viewed in two modes: expanded or collapsed.
    • In expanded mode, you will see the browse button to upload your conditions; or if your image for that condition is already uploaded, you will see a link to the image. Clicking on the link will allow you to view the uploaded image. Expanded mode may also show a more detailed description of what is needed in order to satisfy the condition.
    • Collapsed mode shows a brief description of each condition; if an image is needed and whether or not it has been uploaded, and whether the condition has been reviewed by underwriting.
  • To Expand or Collapse Condition(s)
    • To view INDIVIDUAL conditions in a certain mode, simply click on the condition’s row.
    • To view ALL conditions in the same mode, click on the “Expand” or “Collapse” link.Exand/Collapse links located under "UW Image Status"
  • A more detailed explanation of the condition may be located under the heading “Condition Details”, which is found at the bottom of an expanded condition.
  • If you have a question or explanation about the condition, use the Add Comments to Underwriter/Review Comments to Underwriter link to leave a message for the underwriter. You can also click the Comments Change Log icon link found in every expanded condition.

To Upload Conditions:

Separate Files

If your files are already separated into different images, you can upload each image directly from Step B in the Loan Choices screen.

  1. Expand conditions as described above.
  2. Click the blue “Browse” button for a condition.Browse Button
  3. Find your file and either double click it or click it once and then click the “Open” button.
  4. Click the blue “Attach” button.Attach Button
  5. If you wish to upload another file for the same condition, click the link that says “Add Additional __________” (it will have the name of the condition in the link) and repeat the above.Add Additional Image Link

One Combined File

If multiple documents are contained in one image, you can drag and drop individual pages to associate them with their proper condition. Only the images corresponding to a specific condition should be associated to that condition.

    1. From within Loan Choices™, click the link that says “Click Here” located next to the words “To separate images:”"Click Here" Link next to "To separate images:"
    2. This will open the “Upload and File Association” form.Upload & File Association Form
    3. Click the “Browse” button located at the top left of the form.Browse Button
    4. Select your file by double clicking it or clicking it once and then clicking the “Open” button.Select file to upload.
    5. Click the blue “Upload” button.Upload Button
    6. Once the file has uploaded, thumbnail images of individual pages can be seen in the middle column of the page.
      • When you click on a thumbnail, a larger view of the page will appear in the right column.
      • You can view a specific page by clicking on its thumbnail
      • You can also enter the page number in the white box located near the top of the page that is found within the blue <<  >> marks.Enter page number you wish to go to.
      • You can change the size of the page view by clicking the “-” or “+” sign in the upper right hand corner of the page, or by entering a percentage in the white box. A percentage of 175% to 180% provides excellent viewing quality.Change size of page
    7. Drag and Drop the thumbnail images to the applicable condition.
      • Drag the thumbnail to the gray box of the condition. The top of the thumbnail will turn green when you have the cursor in the right area.Top of thumbnail turns green when it's dragged to the right place.
      • You’ll know that the “drag” operation was successful if you see a red “x” next to the condition. The “x” can be used to unassociate the image.Red X means the drag was successful.
          1. You can also click the arrow located in the white box that has the name of the needed image.  If an image has been associated with the condition, a thumbnail of the image will appear.

Click Arrow to see thumbnail of image.

    • Using the control key while clicking the image will allow you to select multiple images at once.
    • When selecting multiple images, drag and drop the images slowly as some computers are not as fast as others and there may be some lag. By dragging and dropping slowly, you will minimize any lag due to a slow computer or connection.
    • Remember that the order in which the images are “clicked” is the order that they will be converted into a PDF – so please be careful to select the top page first, the 2nd page second, etc…
  1. Once you have dragged all the images to their condition(s), click the “Post & Associate Button”. You must do this to save your work!Post & Associate Images
    1. If there were some pages in your file that were not associated with a condition, you will be asked if you want to save those images . Press “Okay” or “Cancel”.
    2. You’ll be asked if you want to save your changes. Press “Okay” or “Cancel”.
  2. If you have any more combined images that you wish to upload and associate, repeat the above steps.

Submit To Underwriting:

  1. When all the conditions have been fulfilled and the AUS Submission Wizard is completed, the grey “Request Underwriting” button will turn green. Click on that or click on “Underwriting Submission” in the left side menu under “Loan Steps”.Request Underwriting button

    Underwriting Submission link

  2. The Underwriting Submission Form will open. Click the blue “Submit Loan to Underwriting” button.Submit Loan to Underwriting Button

If you have any questions regarding a submission, Broker Support can help. Simply call 800-924-3884.