Guaranteed Title Fees

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Guaranteed Title Fees – In Seconds!

Use our new “Get Title, Tax, and Transfer Fees” feature
Receive competitive & guaranteed title & escrow fees, owner’s title, transfer taxes, and recording fees all within seconds by using our “Get Title, Tax, and Transfer Fees” feature.

Here’s how to do it:

Open the HUD-1 within DirectWare (menu item 14 under “More Tools”).

At the bottom of the form select the blue button “Get Title, Tax, and Transfer Fees”.

Image of the Bottom of DirectWare HUD-1 
Get Title, Tax, and Transfer Fees


A new screen will open showing a side-by-side comparison of current fees and the proposed fees you’ll receive if you proceed.

Image of Guaranteed Proposed Fees Quoted
Fee Comparison


If the loan is a purchase transaction and you like the proposed pricing, enter the Seller’s name and phone number, check the Agreement box, then select the blue button “Yes – Select the Title Company and Update the fees as shown above”.  If the loan is a refinance simply click the yes option.

You have now locked-in your guaranteed fees and selected your title provider.

Your title order will be automatically placed AFTER the completed “Borrower’s Authorization Disclosure” image is uploaded (the image is automatically uploaded upon completion of the eSign disclosures package by all parties – or by a manual upload of the borrower’s authorization). You’ll be able to view the order status by clicking the “Order Status” link at the bottom of the HUD-1, or by clicking the “Shopping Cart Transactions” link from the Loan Choices screen (menu item 24).

This could really simplify your disclosure requirements!

If you have any questions regarding this new feature, contact your Account Executive or Broker Support at (800) 924-3884.