Order Credit Reports

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Order Credit Reports

Ordering credit reports is simple and has now been integrated with our shopping cart.

(See How to Reissue a Credit Report )

Detailed Instructions: Order Credit Reports 

1.  Log into DirectWare® from www.directmortgagewholesale.com.

2.  Select your loan.

3.  When the loan opens in DirectWare, click the AUS Submission Wizard  link on the left-hand navigation bar. (If you are creating a new loan, once the loan has been created, you will be asked “Would you like to complete the Submission Ready Wizard now?” Click on “Yes”.) This will bring up the “Order Credit” tab of the wizard.

Order Credit Screen

4. Enter the borrower(s)’ email addresses at the top of the page.

Enter Borrowers' email addresses

5. From the top dropdown field, choose whether or not you want to order a new credit report or reissue a credit report.

Select New or Reissue

6.   Select the reporting agency of your choice from the Reporting Agency drop down menu. Note that you can leave the reporting agency as ‘DMC’.

Select Reporting Agency from Drop Down List

7.  Enter yours or the borrower’s credit card information to pay for the credit report. (Note that the credit report is the only cost you can collect from the borrower before all required Early Disclosures date requirements have been concluded.)

Enter Credit Card Info

8.  Click the blue “Confirm Order Information” button.

Confirm Order Button

9.  A notice displaying the borrower payment policy will appear. Read the policy, then click the blue “Proceed” button.

10.  Click the blue “Process Payment” button.

11.  The status under the “Order Status” column will show “Ordered”, and then “Completed”. Click on the “Completed” link to open the “Order Status” screen.

Order Status Completed

12.  You can view the credit report by clicking on the link displayed on the order status tab.

Order Status Screen

13.  Having clicked the link, the credit report will open.