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Be a Paperless Mortgage Office
And Receive Other Benefits

It’s easy. Direct Mortgage helps you save time and money.

Estimated savings per 5 files: $1,825.00
(Using Direct Mortgage & its benefits. More Info)

Take full advantage of Direct Mortgage and its Condition Image Upload system.

  • Upload all loan documents directly into DirectWare® as PDF or TIFF images. Learn How . . .
  • For those who do not have a scanner, you can “scan” the docs by faxing them to an electronic fax number. The electronic fax then emails you the faxed documents in the form of an image that can be uploaded into Directware. Learn How . . .
  • Electronic documents can also be printed directly to PDF or TIFF. Learn How . . .
  • Images of our all your loan docs are available to you on demand, electronically—even after the loan closes! We store them for you, saving room in your office and in your computer’s memory.
  • Calculate how much money you might save by going Direct!