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A Faster, Easier Way to Submit Your Loan to DMC!

No need to associate images to individual conditions.*

No need to choose vendors.*

No need to even press the “Submit Loan to Underwriting” button.*

*Receive the benefits above and experience a faster, easier loan submittal to Direct Mortgage when you follow the steps listed below:  

  1. Login to DirectWare and create a new loan.
  2. Complete the Loan Application & AUS Submission Ready Wizard.
  3. Run Loan Choices and select a Loan Program.
  4. Review the HUD-1 Uniform Settlement Statement & “Approve Closing Fees.”
  5. Send the eSign Borrower Disclosures (Menu Item: More Tools 9).
  6. Complete the vendor information on the Loan Submission form or mark on the form that you would like DMC to choose your vendors. You can also commit your vendors in DirectWare.
  7. Stack your underwriting submissions package according to “Print Conditions” (Menu Item: More Tools 7) and scan to a .PDF file.  Be sure to include the Loan Submission form in the file.  Email the complete package to with the loan number in the subject line.
  8. We’ll assist you from here! (Note: any conditions missing from the original package sent to HelpMeUpload will need to be manually uploaded by you.)

Click here for more detailed instructions on submitting a loan to Direct Mortgage.

If you have any questions regarding a submission, broker support can help. Simply call (800) 924-3884.