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Title Fulfillment Wizard – Title Companies

Download PDF of Title Fulfillment Wizard detailed instructions.

Direct Mortgage’s Title Fulfillment Wizard allows Title Companies to approve closing fees and verify the HUD-1 details by logging directly into our DirectWare® system. Using the Title Fulfillment Wizard will result in more accurate data and streamlined closings.

The process starts with an email containing both your username and a link to set your password.  The email will also state the estimated closing date, DMC’s loan number, the borrower name, loan amount, property address, and the current closing fee details.  Once you have set your password, future emails will contain a unique login link specific to each loan.

In order to ensure delivery of these emails, please ensure that we are on your safe senders list by marking emails from the domains “@solutioncenter.biz” and “@directcorp.com” as safe emails.

If you ever forget your user name or password, simply click the Forgot “Username” or “Password” link on the login page.

Upon logging in, you will see the Title Fulfillment Wizard, which is composed of four tabs:  Instructions, HUD-1, Title Details, and Attachments.


Instructions Tab:

The first tab contains instructions for completing the Title Fulfillment Wizard.  Once you have read the instructions, click “Next” at the bottom of the window.

Image of Instructions Tab

HUD-1 Tab:

On this tab you can review, add and correct closing fees.  Text in gray is “read-only”.

HUD-1 Tab

Entering or Updating a Fee
You must first select who is getting paid. You cannot enter a fee without first identifying the fee description and the payee/payer. If this hasn’t been done, a reminder prompt will appear.

Entering a Payee or Payor that isn’t in the drop down menu
If the payee/payer isn’t in the drop down menu, simply select the “other” option from the drop down menu. This will display a form where you can add a payee/payer. Once added, the name will appear throughout the entire HUD-1 drop down menus. Complete this step by simply using the drop down menu to identify the appropriate payee/payer.

Disbursement Summary & Wire Details
A useful tool is the funds disbursement detail section at the bottom of the HUD-1. You’ll find that all amounts being paid from and to each vendor (and the borrower & seller) are identified in this section. This updates as each entry is made. For further detail click on each payee/payer name link.

Approving Fees
Once you are sure the HUD-1 is correct, click the blue “Approve Title Fees” button located at the bottom right of the page.  A State & Federal HUD-1 Compliance Review will automatically run. If the form passes, you will see the following message:

Congratulations!  Would you like to proceed to Title Details?


If the form fails the Compliance Review, you will see the following message:

Failed Compliance Review.  Would you like to view the Compliance Results?


Click “Yes” or “No”.  It is recommended that you select “Yes” so that you may see what corrections are necessary.

Compliance Results

Make the necessary corrections to the HUD-1 form. Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the window. Click “Approve Title Fees” button again. Repeat if necessary.


  • You can view a log of compliance results at any time after clicking the “Approve Title Fees” by clicking the “Compliance Results” link at the bottom of the window.
  • You can view the change log for a line item by clicking on its number on the left of the form.
  • You can view the change log for approving and unapproving closing fees by clicking the “Change Log” link next to the “Approve Closing Fees” button at the bottom of the window.

Title Details Tab:

You are guaranteeing the accuracy of your data entry, so make sure that it is accurate.

Review and correct the information on the Title Details form. Incorrect fields or required fields that are empty are highlighted in red.

Title Details Tab


If a field is correct, check the associated “Verified” box next to it.  This will usually change the field from red to white.  If the field remains red after clicking the “Verified” box, this means that the information contained in the field is incorrect and that you will need to correct it.  If you place your mouse cursor over the field, a tool tip will appear instructing you how to correct the information.

If you make any changes to the form, press “Save” at the bottom of the window.  When the form is complete and you press “Save”, you’ll receive the following message:

Congratulations!  Would you like to proceed to the Title Attachments Step?

Clicking “Yes” will move you on to the Attachments tab.

Attachments Tab:

Upload the required documents by clicking the blue “Browse” button >> Locate and select the appropriate file >> Double-click the file or press the “Open” button >> When you have selected all the files you wish to upload, press a blue “Attach” button next to the “Browse” button. Suggested documents are not required.

Attachments Tab

When the required files have been uploaded, the following message will open:

Congratulations! You have successfully complete the Title Fulfillment Wizard.


You can now close the Title Fulfillment Wizard. You’re done!