Underwriting Checklist

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Direct Mortgage Underwriting Checklist

Direct Mortgage announces a new underwriting checklist that instantly clarifies any remaining conditions! Know that all conditions have been submitted at once.
Instructions . . .

What To Expect

  • Step B of Loan Choices™ (after you’ve selected a loan) will show the new Underwriting Checklist instead of the list of Vendors;
  • A separate image upload will be available for each condition, OR;
  • You can drag and drop images from a combined file;
  • Comment log for easy communication with underwriter;
  • The Closing Doc Order Form should be completed before submitting to underwriting;
  • The Title Fulfillment Wizard must be completed by your title agent before final underwriting sign off is allowed.
  • Drag and drop to upload conditions

How This Benefits You

  • View up-to-the-second underwriting sign offs;
  • View only the remaining conditions;
  • Track conditions better — Know exactly what form needs to be uploaded;
  • See what conditions still need an image;
  • Because an image is required for each condition you will know when all conditions have been provided;
  • No more confusion — you’ll know exactly what a condition needs and what image will satisfy that condition;
  • Easy uploading of conditions
  • Upload images individually to each condition, or drag and drop images from a single multi-page file — you choose;
  • Better communication with the underwriter thanks to a comment log.

Important Training

Images are now required for every condition before a file can be submitted to underwriting. Learn how to do this by viewing a training video or by reading instructions.

Training Video — You can view the training video by logging into DirectWare >> Departments >> Loan Choices >> Training >> Training Videos >> “New Underwriting Checklist – Broker Training”.

Written Instructions — Simply click the link!