Underwriting Turn Times

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Underwriting Turn Times

Every business day on our rate sheets we post the date of the oldest loan in our underwriting queue. This can be found on the first page of the rate sheets, at the top of the right-hand column.

The oldest loan in the underwriting queue is also posted in the body of the email that is sent out daily with the rate sheet attached.

You can use this information to determine when you might expect your files. For example, if today is April 2nd, and the oldest loan in the underwriting queue was submitted on 3/25/2009, that is 6 business days. Therefore, if I were to submit a loan to underwriting today, I might expect my file to leave underwriting in about six days. The actual time might be sooner or later than that.

Underwriting priorities: Resubmission files from the oldest day are looked at first, followed by new files from the oldest day. Next to be reviewed are resubmission files from the second oldest day, then new files from the second oldest day, and so forth.