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Become VA Sponsored

Direct Mortgage has made it easy to originate VA loans!

VA loans are great options that allow you to improve your business while helping our veterans.   If you haven’t done VA loans before or you’ve struggled doing them with other lenders, you’ll be glad to go Direct!

We make completing necessary VA forms such as the VA Comparison and VA Analysis fast and easy.  And you won’t have to perform manual calculations to figure out VA pricing – our system shows you pricing without your having to make adjustments.  Our submission wizard guides you through the process of submitting the loan, and our Loan Choices™ with Predictive Analytics shows you alternative programs you might not have thought about.

Additionally, you’ll be able to compare PI, PITI, rates, and YSP. You can lock online until 3:00 am Eastern, request float downs, and extend locks without picking up the phone or using the fax. You can even use our image repository to store and review documents!Login and submit your loan now!

We are now sponsoring new agents for VA loans! Simply complete the VA sponsorship form and return to Direct Mortgage along with a $100 check written to the VA. Once you’re sponsored, you’ll be able to originate VA loans, enabling you to increase your loan volume and earn more money!


  • Excellent way to get more veterans into homes
  • No monthly MI (Mortgage Insurance)*
  • 100% LTV
  • Can add costs on top of 100% LTV
  • Increase your loan volume!

Return the sponsorship form today! You can find it by clicking here.