Tracking Made Easy

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Tracking Made Easy

Whether it’s an eSignature request, appraisal, compliance, or a product or service you’ve ordered, DirectWare makes tracking easy.

  Tracking Compliance 

Click the “Compliance Tracking Form” link located in the left-side menu under “More Tools”.

Disclosure Tracking Link

This will open the Disclosure Compliance Tracking Form which shows you disclosure events (such as the APR changing 0.125% or more), when the disclosure event was triggered, when disclosures were sent, and the earliest date docs can be signed. It also shows when a loan was withdrawn and provides a link to reinstate the loan.

An important feature of this form is the date and time located in the upper left of the form that tells you when you need to send disclosures in order to prevent having the loan withdrawn.

Tracking Form

  Tracking eSignatures 

Click the “Track eSignatures” link located in the left-side menu under “More Tools”.

Track eSignatures Link

This will open the eSignatures tracking form which shows you to whom the eSign request was sent and when, if the eSignatures email was opened, when individual people signed the eSignatures package, when the the package has been signed by all parties, and whether the identidy check was passed or failed. There is also a button to resend the original request emails.

Track eSignatures Form

  Tracking Appraisals 

Click the “AUS Submission Wizard” link located in the left-side menu under “Loan Steps.”

AUS Submission Wizard Link

This opens the AUS Submission Wizard. Click the “Vendors” tab of the Wizard.

AUS Wizard - Vendors Tab

Click the “View Order Status ” tab.

View Order Status Link

This opens the “Order Status” form where you can track the status of the ordered appraisal.

Appraisal Tracking Report

If your loan has already been submitted to Underwriting, follow the instructions listed under “Tracking Products and Services Ordered” in order to track your appraisal.

  Tracking Products and Services Ordered 

Click the “Shopping Cart Transactions” link located in the left-side menu under “Processing Center”.

Shopping Cart Transactions

This will open the Shopping Cart Transactions form which shows you the products or services which have been ordered, when they were ordered, how much they cost, who paid for them, and the order status (such as “cancelled” or “completed”).

Shopping Cart Transactions Form

Clicking the link in the “Order Status” column may provide access to additional information or an image of the completed product. For example, if the product is a credit report reissue, clicking on “completed” will open the Order Status form for the product. On the form is a link that, when clicked, will open an image of the credit report.

With tracking this easy, it’s no wonder the Best Brokers Go Direct!