DirectWare® Underwriter

Automated Underwriting System (AUS)

One of the features of Direct Mortgage’s comprehensive mortgage software package that will directly impact your day-to-day operations is DirectWare®’s rules-based automated underwriting system (AUS), which is incorporated directly into the lending workflow.

Brokers empowered by this mortgage Underwriter can rapidly turn basic information into a list of already underwritten loan products. Instead of trying to keep all the variables in your head, let DirectWare perform the difficult task of determining qualification for a wide array of loan programs.

And now with the patent-published Loan Choices you’ll be able to easily and quickly compare PI, PITI, and YSP for your loan options.

This AUS re-underwrites at three (3) key points:

  1. Before human review,
  2. After human review, and
  3. Before funding.

The hunt and peck method of choosing the right loan for a given borrower that has characterized the mortgage industry for decades is finally giving way to true customization and choice combined with the power of single-click underwriting. Properly understood, this one tool has the power to transform the kind of customer service your employees provide.

Ready to Harness the Power of DirectWare’s®
Automated Underwriting System?
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DirectWare’s Underwriter is as complex a piece of programming as any in the mortgage industry today and yet its underlying premise couldn’t be simpler:

Program all the underwriting requirements for a vast array of loan products into a central database so that brokers can see in minutes how a particular borrower matches up against available loans.

The Underwriter has taken the guesswork out of underwriting. It multiplies the variety of choices available to everyday borrowers and dramatically increases the speed with which they get answers from you. Borrowers get better service while you and your clients have more time to focus on drumming up more business.

Think of DirectWare’s Underwriter as a search engine for loans. There are five basic ways to use it:

  1. For Workflow
  2. For Guidance
  3. For Choice
  4. For Price
  5. For Approval

Use the Underwriter to search loans or to browse them. Find exactly what you need or get a sense of the possibilities. Its up to you. DirectWare gives you that kind of power. And since it is internet-based technology, you can literally access your most recent loan pipeline information and drill down to the most minute details of a given loan process from anyones web-enabled computer, anywhere in the world.

Ready to Harness the Power of DirectWare’s®
Automated Underwriting System?